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Boundary Power is a collaboration between Australia’s only vertically integrated electricity company, Horizon Power, and Ampcontrol Limited, a leading global provider of power and control solutions for more than 50 years, along with its subsidiary CPS National.

Combining the design, construction, deployment and operations expertise, Boundary Power is delivering a new, innovative series of stand-alone power system (SAPS) solutions to the market.

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An Australian first

Boundary Power’s team of SAPS specialists have a proven track record in the end-to-end deployment of utility-grade stand-alone power systems throughout Australia.

In 2019 the team designed, deployed and managed Australia’s first fully integrated, utility grade stand-alone power system (SAPS) solution across regional Western Australia.

The 17 SAPS units were deployed onto edge-of-grid customer homes and commercial properties east of Esperance, making Horizon Power the first utility in Australia to permanently remove 64 kilometres of poles and wires.

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A new, utility grade energy solution

Boundary Power has demonstrated that SAPS can meet the power demands of households and businesses, proving that poles and wires are not always the most affordable, safe or reliable way to deliver power.

With its range of SAPS solutions which are tailored to deliver the most effective and efficient power, the market now has access to a commercially viable renewable power solution that is fully off-grid and suitable for the most remote or isolated homes and businesses.

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Award-winning SAPS solutions

Boundary Power’s range of innovative SAPS solutions are receiving significant acknowledgement within industry, including ‘Energy Innovation of the Year’ at the Australian Institute of Energy’s 2021 WA Energy Awards.

Additionally, the Solar Qube® SAPS has been awarded a 2021 Good Design Award for ‘Engineering Design’ and a 2021 Hunter Manufacturing Award for ‘Excellence in Product Design’.

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A renewables-led energy solution

Through innovation and new technology Boundary Power is solving old problems with new solutions, proving it is possible to provide reliable, high quality, cleaner power through an off-grid solution.

SAPS units use the latest in solar and battery technology to generate and store electricity without the need to be connected to the overhead electricity network and have been designed and engineered to:

  • enable the removal of poles and wires
  • be low in emissions
  • use the diesel generator sparingly
  • be compact in design
  • be monitored and controlled remotely
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