Beaumont Community Association – Horizon Power customer


Beaumont, 120 kilometres east of Esperance, Western Australia


The Beaumont Community Association (BCA) was formed more than 30 years ago by 23 farming families in the Beaumont district, and the Beaumont Community Hall has been pivotal to keeping the community connected.

Being located towards the end of a distribution spur line meant power outages were common. This had an impact on the use of the community hall’s facilities. Equipment such as the fridges and freezers were not able to be left on, and outdoor lighting, including the tennis court lighting was unreliable – limiting the use of the community facilities in the evenings.

Reliability of power to the district fire station located beside the community hall was also an ongoing concern. Being a remote community surrounded by thousands of hectares of farmland and some distance from major emergency services, having reliable power to keep fire vehicle batteries charged is very important.


Design and deploy a customised Stand-alone Power System (SAPS) combining solar photovoltaic panels, advanced battery storage technology and back-up generation to power:

  • Community hall lighting and equipment
  • Outdoor lighting, including tennis courts
  • District fire station

Specifications: R-Series SAPS

  • 10.8 kW of solar panels
  • 25.2 kWh of battery storage
  • 15 kVA of back-up diesel generation
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