Graham and Gina Darlow – Horizon Power customer


Condingup, 67 kilometres east of Esperance, Western Australia


Graham and Gina Darlow run around 1,000 head of cattle as part of their 4,000 hectare cropping and livestock agribusiness, and needed a reliable, remote power solution to power hundreds of kilometres of electric fence.


Design and deploy a remote Nano SAPS to supply 240VAC in a standalone capacity, without the need for mains power.

The Nano was well suited as a set and leave solution, combining solar photovoltaic panels and advanced battery storage technology. The exclusion of a generator means the unit only needs to be inspected once a year.

Specifications: Nano SAPS

  • 0.9 kW of solar panels
  • 10.1 kWh of battery storage
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