Boundary Power brings together industry-leading expertise in the design, development and deployment of scalable, renewable stand-alone power systems (SAPS) through our JV parent companies, Ampcontrol and Horizon Power. Securing bespoke and modular large-scale SAPS contracts with customers over the past 12 months has led to solid growth for the business and future pipeline – powering through 2022 into 2023.

In addition to the 29 SAPS units deployed for Horizon Power in previous years, financial year 2021/22 saw 18 SAPS units delivered for Horizon Power’s Renew the Region’s stand-alone power systems project round three. The team will deliver the final 18 SAPS for round three over the coming months and will continue to work with Horizon Power for round four of the project.

Project wins across several industries in Q3, and Q4 demonstrated the team’s ability to provide innovative solutions in any environment. The team worked with Telstra in their successful transition to the first remote mobile tower from an overhead power supply to a SAPS in Esperance, received the Victorian Government’s Renewable Hydrogen Commercialisation Pathways Fund for a hydrogen SAPS demonstration project and commenced deployment of our first Solar Qube® in the eastern states for a utility provider.

While delivery of projects was the top priority, we also took the time to ensure we connected with our customers at several conferences across Australia and showcased our technology through awards. Boundary Power received the Australian Institute of Energy’s WA Energy Awards – Energy Innovation of the Year, with the product, Solar Qube® being successful in winning two awards:

  • Good Design Award in Engineering Design for the Solar Qube® product
  • Excellence in Product Design, Hunter Manufacturing Awards

After a massive year for the team, in June 2022, two additional contracts were secured with WA utility companies. Water Corporation engaged Boundary Power for a bespoke SPS installation at the Broome Wastewater Treatment Plant and a 101 SPS deployment across WA was commissioned with Western Power. The Boundary Power project delivery team will significantly grow as we move into the 2023 financial year, with the projects creating around 30 new jobs.

It will be a critical year for the team, with Western Australia leading the country with the deployment of renewable stand-alone power systems. SAPS offer a permanent solution to poles and wires infrastructure. With the changes to the National Electricity Market coming into play on the East Coast in August, we are looking forward to seeing other states following in Western Australia’s footsteps and delivering for communities nationally.