SAPS Benefits

Leading the energy transition

Boundary Power’s SAPS are scalable, energy efficient solutions suitable for Australia’s changing climate and conditions. They are highly adaptable, delivering a range of proven benefits including:

saps reliable


  • Stand-alone power systems are particularly beneficial to end of grid customers where the impact of a power outage caused by network issues can take longer for crews to repair
  • Power quality improves by eliminating the power fluctuations experienced by end of line customers
  • In the event of a power interruption, a back-up generator kicks in, resulting in little to no impact on power supply
  • Boundary Power offers a remote SAPS monitoring and control service providing 24 hours a day system monitoring to detect and resolve issues
saps resilient


  • The SAPS have been designed to be resilient against the impacts of extreme climatic conditions such as storms, cyclones and floods, providing customers with power when they most need it
  • SAPS are the optimal solution for critical infrastructure, such as telecommunication towers, which are vital during natural disasters, such as bush fires
saps rapid deploy


  • Boundary Power’s advanced modular design enables the SAPS to be deployed off the back of a truck and ready for energy export in just 90 minutes
  • SAPS are playing a key role in supporting emergency response teams following major disasters. Rapid deployment can provide power to temporary emergency response centres and support services in a matter of hours, even in remote locations
saps recovery


  • SAPS provide temporary reliable power for customers following a natural disaster to allow time for the network infrastructure to be repaired
  • Continuity of power helps communities to recover quicker after a major incident, supporting the overall wellbeing of people and the economic recovery of business
saps renewables eco friendly


  • SAPS deliver significant reductions in carbon emissions, with Boundary Power’s latest innovations in renewable design and technology
  • Removes the need for environmental impacts such as vegetation clearing and maintenance associated with poles and wires networks
  • Replaces noisy diesel generators with silent power – improving the quality of life for customers living in the vicinity
saps roi returns


  • The financial returns on networks investing in SAPS are considerable. The removal of poles and wires reduces operating costs, network maintenance and upgrades and the cost of repairs following unplanned outages
  • Reduced fuel cost by replacing generators with SAPS
  • SAPS are becoming increasingly cost effective with the falling costs of components, including solar panels and batteries

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