SAPS Benefits

Leading the energy transition

Boundary Power’s SAPS are scalable energy efficient solutions suitable for Australia’s changing climate and conditions, and are highly adaptable, delivering a range of proven benefits including:

saps reliable


  • SAPS is particularly beneficial to customers located towards the end of long powerlines where the impact of a power outage caused by network issues can take longer for crews to repair
  • Power quality improves as a result of eliminating power fluctuations which are more common for end-of-line customers
  • In the event of a power interruption, Boundary Power’s SAPS are designed to automatically kick-in the back-up generator, resulting in little to no impact on power supply
  • Boundary Power offers a remote SAPS monitoring and control service providing 24 hours a day system monitoring which quickly detects and resolves issues.
saps resilient


  • Boundary Power’s robust SAPS designs make its SAPS solutions more resilient against the impacts of extreme climatic conditions such as storms, cyclones and floods, providing customers with power when they most need it
  • SAPS are the optimal solution to ensuring critical infrastructure can continue to be powered, such as telecommunication towers, which are particularly vital during major natural events such as bush fires.
saps rapid deploy


  • Boundary Power’s advanced modularity design and new technologies is enabling its SAPS to be deployed off the back of a truck and ready for energy export in just 90 minutes
  • SAPS is playing a key role in supporting emergency response teams following major disasters. Through the rapid deployment of SAPS, temporary emergency response centres and support services can be powered up and operational in a matter of hours, even in remote locations.
saps recovery


  • The ability to deploy Boundary Power’s SAPS very quickly following a natural disaster means customers have temporary reliable power while network infrastructure is being repaired
  • SAPS continuity of power also helps communities to recover quicker after a major incident, such as a bush fire, supporting the overall wellbeing of people and the economic recovery of small businesses.
saps renewables eco friendly


  • Using the latest innovations in renewable design and technology Boundary Power’s SAPS are delivering significant reductions in carbon emissions
  • SAPS is removing the environmental impacts associated with installing and maintaining poles and wires networks, including vegetation clearing and management
  • SAPS are replacing noisy diesel generators with silent power – improving peoples’ overall quality of living.
saps roi returns


  • The financial returns on networks investing in SAPS are considerable. Operating costs significantly reduce as a result of removing traditional poles and wires. This has the flow on effect of also lowering associated costs such as network maintenance and upgrades, and responses to outages.
  • By replacing generators with SAPS the fuel costs are significantly lower.
  • The falling costs of components, including solar panels and batteries, is making SAPS an increasingly viable proposition and a more cost-effective alternative to traditional poles and wires.

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