Adrian Perks – Horizon Power customer


Condingup, 68 kilometres east of Esperance, Western Australia


Crop farmer Adrian Perks and his family crop 4,000 hectares of farmland 68 kilometres east of Esperance. Located on a lengthy distribution spur line, power outages and fluctuations were frequent.

As crop farmers, having power poles and wires running through their paddocks presented a number of issues and hazards including:

  • Farm machinery colliding with power poles, particularly during seeding and harvesting when machines operate at night, risking:
    • peoples’ safety
    • machinery damage
    • power pole damage
  • Ongoing pest control and weed management requirements as part of needing to leave a two to three metre buffer around each pole.
  • Pole top fires caused by:
    • dust on the wires
    • extreme weather events
    • bird collisions
  • Aerial sprayers clipping power lines.


Design and deploy a customised Stand-alone Power System (SAPS) combining solar photovoltaic panels, advanced battery storage technology and back-up generation to power:

  • Homestead
  • Worker’s accommodation
  • Workshop

Specifications: R-Series SAPS

  • 16.2 kW of solar panels
  • 25.2 kWh of battery storage
  • 15 kVA of back-up diesel generation
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