Epasco Farms – Horizon Power customer


Condingup, 82 kilometres east of Esperance, Western Australia


Farm Manager Nick Ruddenklau oversees the operations of Epasco Farms’ 11,500 hectare crop and livestock agri-business. The owners of Epasco Farms have a strong ethos towards integrating more renewables across their business interests and were looking for a solution to reduce their farming carbon footprint.

The common issues and risks agri-businesses face, such as power reliability, and poles and wires in paddocks are exacerbated due to Epasco’s large scale operations. These issues can impact the efficient operation of shearing and workshop activities, compromise the biosecurity of the farm through the introduction of foreign weeds stemming from machinery movement through paddocks and increase the likelihood of equipment damage due to the farms heavy reliance on a relatively unskilled, itinerant workforce.


Design and deploy three customised Stand-alone Power System (SAPS) combining solar photovoltaic panels, advanced battery storage technology and back-up generation to power:

  • Staff houses
  • Workshop
  • Shearing shed

Specifications: R-Series SAPS

Three systems totalling:

  • 32.4 kW of solar panels
  • 67.2 kWh of battery storage
  • 45 kVA of back-up diesel generation
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