SAPS Solutions

Boundary Power is leading the energy transition with its advanced SAPS design and technology. From our core product range, we can offer a customised solution to meet your existing and future power demand needs, from small loads through to large, scalable solutions.



The perfect solution for smaller power loads, the Nano SAPS offers ease of deployment in harsh and remote conditions and requires minimal ongoing maintenance.

Solar Qube®

Boundary Power’s Solar Qube® is an utility grade solution incorporating the latest in design and technology. It is able to be deployed in 90 minutes to supply medium loads.


R-Series SAPS

Designed to supply power to larger loads, Boundary Power’s R-Series SAPS is an ideal solution for utility and commercial scale remote power applications.

kiosk stand-alone power system

Kiosk SAPS

The Kiosk SAPS is an all-purpose, all-climate off-grid power solution. With a Category D wind rating, it is resilient to Australia’s extreme weather conditions and can be deployed anywhere in Australia.

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