Kiosk SAPS

Australia’s most resilient stand-alone power system

The Kiosk SAPS is an all-purpose, all-climate off-grid power solution. With a Category D Wind rating, it is resilient to Australia’s extreme and harsh weather conditions and can be deployed anywhere in Australia.

It is the perfect utility grade alternative power solution for remote or small communities – helping transition communities from diesel generated power, to clean, quiet and reliable power.

Its quick deployment design makes it a sustainable power solution to aid in the immediate and long-term recovery of communities following a major disaster, such as a bush fire.

Typical Applications

  • Remote communities
  • Large agri-businesses
  • Heavy industrial
  • Mining and resources
Kiosk SAPS


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Load flexibility and capacity (20kW-120kW+) able to deliver larger load demands to single, split or three phase, with high overload and overcurrent capacity.

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Customisable to suit specific site requirements.

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Low maintenance costs through remote monitoring and control, enabling many issues to be resolved remotely.

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Centralised control system manages power sources seamlessly.

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Category D Wind Rated and suitable for deployment anywhere in Australia.

System Components

Kiosk Stand-Alone Power System
Download Kiosk pdf

Load Specifications

The Kiosk can be sized to deliver from 20 kilowatts up to 80 kilowatts of single-phase power and 120 kilowatts of three-phase power. The load specifications provided below represent a selection of common SAPS system sizes based on extensive analysis of historical metering data. However, these systems can be manufactured to custom specifications to meet individual energy requirements.

Solar Array26.6kWp – 106.4kWp133kWp – 212.8kWp239.4kWp – 319.2kWp
Single Phase Inversion20kW – 40kW40kW – 60kW60kW – 80kW
Three Phase Inversion60kW80kW120kW
Battery Capacity25.8kWh – 103.2kWh129kWh – 206.4kWh232.2kWh – 309.6kWh
Generator Capacity25kVA – 40kVA40kVA – 90kVA90kVA – 110kVA

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