A renewable stand-alone power solution for smaller, remote loads

The Nano SAPS is the perfect small load solution which has been designed for:

  • ease of transport
  • rapid deployment
  • supply of 240VAC stand-alone power without the need for a back-up diesel generator

Typical Applications

The Nano SAPS suits smaller loads such as domestic and single load rural, industrial and mining applications, including:

  • Remote communications
  • Telecommunications
  • Small farming loads
  • Powering small pumps
  • Electric fences
  • Dwellings


small footprint saps

Small footprint suited to deployment in more difficult terrain.

low maintenance

Low maintenance design with no generator which significantly reduces the requirement for maintenance or repairs.

as dc communications

Adaptable with AC and DC applications to connect into existing power sources. Communication equipment can be integrated into customer metering and reporting systems.

resilient robust

Durable robust design suited to harsh climates, with a weatherproof mounting frame and enclosure.

System Components

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