A utility grade off-grid power solution for commercial premises and small industry

Boundary Power is leading the energy transition with its advanced SAPS design and technology solutions.

The R-Series SAPS utility grade system delivers safe, reliable and continuous power. Supplemented by a back-up diesel generator it is less vulnerable to traditional outages such as pole damage, fires, floods or storms.

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Typical Applications

The scalable design makes it the perfect solution to supply medium to large loads for:

  • utilities
  • commercial premises
  • rural dwellings
  • farming operations
  • remote communities
  • mining


Boundary Power’s R-Series SAPS is a proven off-grid solution which is already powering farms, businesses and homes across regional Western Australia, and features:

remote monitoring

Design optimisation enabling system design and configuration to be tailored to the geographic location to maximise power generation

Boundary Power Icon Battery

Load capacity to deliver larger load demands to single, split or three phase

saps rapid deploy

Scalable over time to deliver on a future increase in demand for power

low maintenance

Low maintenance costs through remote monitoring and control, enabling many issues to be resolved remotely

System Components

R-Series SAPS
Download R-Series pdf
stand alone power system

Load Specifications

The load specifications provided below represent a selection of common SAPS system sizes based on extensive analysis of historical advanced metering data.
However, these systems can be scaled up or down to meet individual energy requirements.

10 kVA10 kVA10 kVA25 kVA25 kVA25 kVA
Solar Array7.92 kW15.84 kW23.76 kW15.84 kW23.76 kW31.68 kW
Solar Inverter6 kW12 kW18 kW12 kW18 kW24 kW
Battery Inverter16 kW16 kW16 kW24 kW24 kW24 kW
Battery Capacity16.8 kWh33.6 kWh50.4 kWh50.4 kWh67.2 kWh67.2 kWh
Generator Capacity25 kVA25 kVA25 kVA40 kVA40 kVA40 kVA

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