Boundary Power’s Solar Qube® stand-alone power system (SAPS) has been awarded for ‘Excellence in Product Design’ at the 2021 Hunter Manufacturing Awards.

A joint venture collaboration between Ampcontrol and Horizon Power, Boundary Power combines both parties’ design, construction, deployment and operations expertise to deliver a new, innovative series of stand-alone power system solutions to the market.

The Solar Qube® solution is a self-sufficient power generation unit that incorporates solar photovoltaic panels, inverters, battery storage technology and a back-up generator, making it possible to replace traditional poles and wires networks with an off-grid, clean power solution.

A result of thoughtful engineering and manufacturing, the Solar Qube®‘s 90 minute rapid deployment methodology represents one of its most innovative features, differentiating it from other stand-alone power system solutions currently in the marketplace.

Commenting on the Excellence In Product Design win, Ampcontrol Managing Director & CEO and Boundary Power Director, Rod Henderson, said, “We are absolutely thrilled for our Solar Qube® to be recognised for its excellence in product design at the Hunter Manufacturing Awards.

“At Ampcontrol, we have been designing and manufacturing innovative products for over 50 years that make a meaningful difference to people’s lives and communities worldwide. Through our partnership with Horizon Power, Boundary Power is designing evolving technologies and solutions that are leading Australia into renewable energy generation.”

Recognition in the Hunter Manufacturing Awards is the Solar Qube® SAPS’s second industry accolade in the last week, closely following the receipt of a Good Design Award for Engineering Design.

For more information on Solar Qube® and our diverse range of stand-alone power system solutions, click here.