• Esperance region to receive 50 standalone power systems from January
  • The rollout replaces hundreds of kilometres of powerlines, improving safety
  • Cleaner energy being delivered through off-grid solar-powered systems

The first tranche of hundreds of standalone power systems (SPS) to be rolled out across the State is being delivered in the Esperance region, providing cleaner energy to customers.

As part of its commitment to green energy and supporting the local manufacturing sector, the McGowan Government will deliver 1,000 SPS over the next five years, with $45.8 million allocated to Horizon Power to deliver 150 SPS in the regions by 2025.

The first 50 of the 150 SPS will be rolled out by Horizon Power in the Esperance region from January 2023. Boundary Power, a joint-venture partnership between Horizon Power and Ampcontrol Limited, will deliver the SPS units. This work is also a boost for the local manufacturing industry, with the systems constructed in Perth.

The deployment of the systems allows for the removal of 260 kilometres of overhead powerlines, improving safety and supporting the Government’s drive towards a low-carbon future.

Each system consists of solar panels, a PV inverter, battery storage and back-up diesel generation, with its size depending on the customers’ demand – which is on average anywhere from 10 to 70 kilowatt hours a day.

Regional communities will benefit from the SPS rollout, with the removal of ageing power infrastructure and the delivery of cleaner energy, with the systems providing an average of 80 per cent renewable energy.

To date, 41 customers from the towns of Beaumont, Munglinup and East Munglinup have already signed up to receive one of the 50 systems, nine of which have been constructed and are ready to be installed in January. There will be no change to the tariff they pay for electricity.

Horizon Power has led the way in the development of SPS, proving the viability of the systems after its response in 2015 to the tragic bushfires that devastated the Esperance region, including Australia’s first remote mobile communications tower to be powered by a standalone power system in Esperance, and rolling out 42 systems across the Gascoyne and Mid-West regions to date.

Comments attributed to Energy Minister Bill Johnston:

“In keeping with our commitment to decarbonise energy in Western Australia and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent by 2030, we committed to roll out 1,000 SPS across the State.

“The Esperance region will benefit from the roll out of the first 50 of these clean energy systems from January, with nine already constructed and ready for installation.

“Western Australia is leading the way in the green energy evolution, improving safety and reliability in regional areas at the same time.”