7 December 2022

  • Boundary Power has successfully completed our first onsite deployment for an East Coast utility provider.
  • The Renewable Stand-Alone Power System (SAPS) product – Solar Qube®, was installed on a remote site to provide continuous, reliable, off-grid power for an end user.
  • This site is one of the first trial sites for SAPS for the utility provider.

The National Electricity Market has changed on the Australian East Coast in the past year. These changes now allow Electricity Network providers to deploy Stand-Alone Power Systems (SAPS), without the requirement of a grid connection for their end users. Our first onsite, off-grid SAPS deployment in NSW demonstrates the appetite for this change by Eastern States utility companies.

The Solar Qube® is a self-sufficient power generation unit that incorporates solar photovoltaic panels, inverters, battery storage technology and a back-up generator. The Qube was workshop assembled, with all electrical testing and commissioning completed before being transported to the regional, remote site for deployment. The innovative solution is designed to withstand extreme Australian conditions and will provide the end user with the confidence of continuous, reliable, renewable power throughout the year.

Boundary Power, a joint venture between Western Australian utility Horizon Power, and Ampcontrol, an Australian engineering industry leader, has become a leading provider within Australia as a delivery partner for the WA state energy utility providers. Our SAPS technology offers a renewable energy alternative that removes the need for ‘poles and wires’, increasing resilience, reliability and safety of onsite energy provision.

Speaking about the East Coast SAPS market, Amy Guo – Boundary Power Business Manager, reflected on the changes. “Electricity Network providers within Australia’s East Coast are now able to embrace off-grid SAPS technology and provide alternative solutions to end users in remote locations. These SAPS products are safer and more reliable than tradition grid power.”

“Renewable power is at the heart of our purpose. We assist utility providers in their vision to prioritise a cleaner, greener future for the communities through our products and services.”

Rod Henderson, Boundary Power Director, is elated at seeing the East Coast market embrace the technology. “To have Boundary Power’s very first Solar Qube® deployed into New South Wales, a market that is seeing significant growth, is exciting for the team who designed the product here in the Hunter Valley.”

“We look forward to seeing the increase in demand from the East Coast as they follow in Western Australia’s footsteps and embrace off-grid renewable SAPS to deliver energy into remote communities.”

– END –