Stand-alone power systems (SPS) provide a more reliable, cost-effective and localised alternative to providing power through long powerlines that only connect small groups of customers. As well as customers getting more reliable power, the savings on infrastructure are being reinvested in upgrading and enhancing the network for customers in other areas, creating a win-win for customers and the network. With one of the largest and most isolated energy networks in the world, some WA customers rely on long stretches of powerlines for their power supply and the poles and wires are costly to maintain. As self-sufficient power units, SPS provide customers with locally generated, renewable energy, delivering improved reliability.

SPS also make powerlines redundant, creating significant savings through reduced maintenance and upkeep of poles and wires systems. Decommissioned poles and wires also reduce bushfire risk. Given the benefits of SPS, Western Power is rolling out thousands of SPS units to serve customers across the network in the coming years. SPS play a key role in Western Power’s strategy to develop a modular grid, which will create a more renewable and greener energy future for WA.