On 27 October 2022, several Horizon Power board members and executives visited the CPS National/ Ampcontrol workshop where Boundary Power is developing and building SPS (stand-alone power solutions) for deployment. Alan Foster, Boundary Power Director, discussed the current designs for the SPS solutions and how these have evolved.

Renewable stand-alone power solutions provide the end user with reliable, high-quality power without a connection to a grid network. The technology offers a renewable energy alternative that removes the need for ‘poles and wires’, increasing the resilience and safety of community power.

Boundary Power is a joint venture established in late 2020 between Horizon Power and Ampcontrol, Australia’s largest privately-held electrical engineering company. Since then, the partnership has grown rapidly to become Australia’s leading SPS provider. Over the next 18 months, Boundary Power will deliver more than 150 SPS throughout Australia.

Horizon Power board members and executives viewed the current SPS solutions, including the Solar Qube®, R-Series and a Kiosk enclosure, as the onsite team highlighted the benefits of the premium modular and bespoke renewable solutions.

All Boundary Power solutions provide low-emission solar energy that reduces operating costs by removing infrastructure such as poles and wires. Maintenance costs are reduced and the environmental footprint is significantly less than traditional grid power. The SPS units efficiently deliver current energy loads with the ability to expand in size for future load increases with additional modules.

Renewable, reliable power solutions are at the heart of the Boundary Power purpose, which reflects the Horizon Power Corporate Intent.

“Horizon Power’s primary objective is to continue to improve the reliability of electricity supplies while ensuring the safety of the public, its customers and employees.

“With the demand for cleaner energy solutions, Horizon Power has implemented emissions reduction targets including decarbonisation – 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030.”

Our products and services provide Horizon Power and its end users with more sustainable energy options, prioritising a cleaner, greener future.

In attendance from Horizon Power

  • Mark Puzey – Deputy Chairperson
  • Kirsty Laurie – Director
  • Ivy Chen – Director
  • Martin Reed – Director
  • Darren Hill – GM Commercial & Business Development