The Solar Qube® stand-alone power system (SAPS), Boundary Power’s innovative, rapidly deployable SAPS solution has been shortlisted as a finalist for ‘Excellence in Innovation and Adaptability’ in the 2021 Hunter Business Awards.

Held to highlight the important contributions that businesses make to the local, national and global business communities, the awards celebrate the achievements and entrepreneurial spirit of organisations and individuals within the Hunter Region of New South Wales (NSW), the base of Boundary Power’s design and delivery partner, Ampcontrol.

The Solar Qube® stand-alone power system is leading the energy transition, making it possible to replace traditional poles and wires networks with an off-grid, clean power solution.

Comprising a 4kW solar array, 7.5kW battery module and 15kW of diesel generation capacity, the Solar Qube® outputs 26.5kW of single phase power.

A number of innovative design features differentiate the Solar Qube® from other SAPS products available within the market, including:

  • Full workshop assembly: The Solar Qube® SAPS arrives at site fully workshop assembled, including all electrical testing and commissioning. This is a crucial component of the Solar Qube®’s rapid deployment methodology.
  • Rapid deployment methodology: Aided by full workshop assembly, the Solar Qube® is capable of deployment from back of truck to energy export in just 90 minutes.
  • Swappable sub-components: Given its deployment in remote areas, the Solar Qube® SAPS has a modular design. Swappable, sub-components allow service crews to quickly switch out components. This ensures that any power outage for the end user is minimised, in the event of a fault that is unable to be rectified remotely.

The 2021 Hunter Business Awards will be held on the 17th November at Newcastle’s Civic Theatre.

Category winners of the 2021 Hunter Business Awards will progress to the 2021 Business NSW Awards.