Leading the energy transition with advancements in stand-alone power systems, Boundary Power’s first Solar Qube® order will be deployed to Australia’s East Coast in May 2022.

Boundary Power, a joint venture between Australian energy utility, Horizon Power, and integrated electrical solutions provider, Ampcontrol Limited, offers significant stand-alone power system (SAPS) expertise.

With a track record of successful design and deployment of stand-alone power systems in Western Australia, Boundary Power’s first sale on Australia’s East Coast will be deployed and handed over to a NSW utility provider in May 2022.

Rod Henderson, Boundary Power Director, is elated at seeing the East Coast market embrace the technology. “To have Boundary Power’s very first Solar Qube® deployment going into New South Wales, a market seeing significant growth, is incredibly exciting for the team who built the product here.

“Solar Qube® is our award-winning solution. To see it deliver on its potential as a real-world energy supply solution is both exciting and rewarding”, says Mr Henderson.

Boundary Power has had significant success in their first year in Western Australia with their Nano, R-Series and Kiosk designs, providing custom solutions for utility and communications customers.

The Solar Qube® will enable an energy solution that provides the end-user with the confidence of continuous power from a renewable source that is safe and resistant to the elements.

The Solar Qube® is Boundary Power’s rapidly deployable and modular solution, which his ideal for remote locations. It offers the potential for customisation and can be scaled to suit the user’s need with the capacity to supply power for medium to large loads.

Speaking on the SAPS market on Australia’s East Coast, Mr Henderson recognises the enhancement of the maturity of the market.

“The stand-alone power system market along Australia’s East Coast is advancing rapidly, with SAPS technology now being embraced by Emergency Services, communications providers and the mining industry.

“This order is evidence of the market’s desire for a customisable and reliable, off-grid, renewable energy solution,” says Mr Henderson.