Boundary Power welcomes the South Australian Government’s decision to consult with industry regarding the implementation of the national Stand-Alone Power System (SAPS) framework within the state.

Formed as a joint venture between Australian energy utility Horizon Power and integrated electrical solutions provider Ampcontrol, Boundary Power brings together significant expertise within the Stand-Alone Power System industry.

Boundary Power encourages the South Australian Department for Energy and Mining to proceed with a state-wide application of the SAPS framework from commencement, a decision that we believe will result in a range of benefits to the customer, community and network service providers, including:

  • For customers – providing a fair and equitable implementation of the SAPS framework, instead of implementation according to specific geographic areas, to demonstrate confidence in the state-wide suitability of SAPS technology.
  • For community – stimulating SAPS industry growth via supply chain establishment, local job creation and achieving economies of scale, and
  • For network service providers – enabling access to a larger pool of suitable sites to facilitate effective and efficient program planning, maximising cost and delivery efficiency.

Boundary Power’s team of SAPS specialists have a proven track record in the end-to-end deployment of utility-grade, stand-alone power systems (SAPS) throughout Australia. In 2019 the team designed, deployed and managed Australia’s first fully integrated, utility grade SAPS solution across regional Western Australia. The 17 SAPS units were deployed onto edge-of-grid customer homes and commercial properties east of Esperance, making Horizon Power the first utility in Australia to permanently remove 64 kilometres of poles and wires.

Boundary Power has demonstrated that SAPS can meet the power demands of households and businesses, providing an affordable, safe and reliable alternative to poles and wires systems. Our real-world SAPS expertise has shown us the benefits to end users, the community and to network service providers in edge-of-grid locations.

For more information on our SAPS capabilities click here. Alternatively, if you’d like to discuss the benefits that SAPS technology for your application, email and one of our specialists will contact you.