Horizon Power, Western Australia’s regional and remote power provider servicing customers across 2.3 million square kilometres, including some of the most isolated communities in the world.


Horizon Power’s dispersed population, and generally high cost to supply has required the utility to think differently about how it delivers power within a variety of conditions and to a range of customers, many of whom are isolated.

Aging infrastructure identified on distribution spur lines supplying customers east of Esperance presented an opportunity for the utility to prove the commercial viability of Stand-Alone Power System (SAPS) as a utility grade alternative power solution to poles and wires.


Custom design and deploy 17 utility grade SAPS on end-of-grid customer properties east of Esperance.

This allowed Horizon Power to permanently remove 64 kilometres of aging poles and wires, making it the first utility in Australia to achieve this.

SAPS Specifications

  • 152 kilowatts of PV capacity
  • 160 kilowatts of PV inverters
  • 146 batteries
  • 364 kilowatt hours of battery storage
  • 58 kilowatts of battery inverters
  • 225 kilovolt amperes of generators
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