Boundary Power has supplied and installed our R-Series Stand-Alone Power System (SAPS) for Horizon Power, enabling Telstra to transition Western Australia’s first remote mobile tower to be powered by a stand-alone power system.

Boundary Power, a joint venture between Western Australian utility, Horizon Power, and Australian-owned and operated engineering industry leader, Ampcontrol, has enabled a safer and more reliable, first-of-its-kind solution for powering a Telstra Mobile Tower in the Esperance region.

The off-grid solution is the first of a series of more mobile tower SAPS solutions that will be deployed throughout Horizon Power’s service area over the coming 24 months by Boundary Power.

Boundary Power Director, Rod Henderson, spoke on the importance of enabling communities to remain connected, especially during stressful events.

“Boundary Power is committed to showcasing the capacity of SAPS solutions across a diverse array of forms, encouraging communication and utility providers to incorporate SAPS as reliable, safe, and future-proof power solutions for their customers.

“Removing poles and wires technology in our most remote communities, transitioning them to solutions that remain reliable during bushfires and floods is crucial to keep our communities connected.”

The continuous, off-grid power solution has been installed at Mount Ney, east of Esperance, in preparation for emergencies and natural disasters as a part of Horizon Power’s $10 million Renew the Regions Standalone Power Systems project, due to be completed by mid-2022.