Horizon Power, Australia’s leading utility in the deployment of Stand-alone Power Systems (SAPS) has joined forces with premier power and control solutions company, Ampcontrol, to launch Boundary Power.

Boundary Power brings together the expertise of Horizon Power and Ampcontrol in SAPS design, construction, deployment and operation, unveiling a new, innovative series of SAPS solutions to the market.

Boundary Power Director, Rod Henderson, said the launch of Boundary Power was the next strategic step in leveraging the two businesses’ accumulated and substantial SAPS expertise.

“A number of the SAPS specialists from Horizon Power and Ampcontrol who have joined the Boundary Power team were behind the success of Horizon Power’s deployment of 17 SAPS systems on customer properties, east of Esperance,” Mr Henderson said.

“This enabled Horizon Power to be the first utility in Australia to remove 64 kilometres of poles and wire permanently.

“We have proven SAPS to be a commercially viable renewable power solution that is fully off-grid and tailored to service a broad range of purposes and industries,” Mr Henderson said.

SAPS uses solar and battery technology to generate and store electricity, providing safer, higher quality and more reliable power, 24 hours a day.

Boundary Power’s release of its next generation Solar Qube® SAPS presents the market with the latest in SAPS design and technology, offering a versatile power solution that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of customers, no matter where they live or work.

“The advanced modularity design makes Boundary Power’s SAPS units easier to transport, quicker to install and more affordable to maintain,” Mr Henderson said.

“A Solar Qube® can be deployed off the truck and ready for energy export in just 90 minutes, with onsite maintenance, servicing needs and costs reduced thanks to easily swappable module components.

“We are confident Boundary Power’s SAPS solutions are well suited to meet the growing demand we see in the marketplace, particularly among power utilities looking for a reliable off-grid power alternative.”

If you would like to know more about a SAPS for your application, email enquiries@boundarypower.com.au.