• Stand-Alone Power System Customer

Power outages a thing of the past

Power outages are no longer a topic of conversation for Condingup farmer, Adrian Perks, thanks to the installation of a stand-alone power system (SAPS). The Perks’ 16.2 kilowatt solar capacity SAPS was installed as [...]

First remote mobile tower powered by SAPS for Telstra

Boundary Power has supplied and installed our R-Series Stand-Alone Power System (SAPS) for Horizon Power, enabling Telstra to transition Western Australia’s first remote mobile tower to be powered by a stand-alone power system. Boundary [...]

  • Epascoe Photo

Proven technology is delivering farm efficiencies

Farm Manager, Nick Ruddenklau, joined Epasco Farms at a milestone in the business’ history. The large scale 11,500 hectare cropping and livestock agri-business east of Esperance, Western Australia, had just transitioned some of its [...]

  • Stand-Alone Power System Customers

SAPS is making life easier for our farmers

In late 2019, Condingup farmers, Nick and Mandy Chapman, opened their home and farm up to their power utility, Horizon Power and a group of its customers to celebrate a shared milestone. The West [...]

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